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Speaking about the situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan in his report, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill noted that this country has been giving an example of constructive relations between the Church and the state for many years.

“Bishops and clerics cooperate with the representatives of state authorities at different levels: local, municipal and republican. Orthodox clergymen take part in public life on agreement with regional administration for religious affairs. Congresses of religious leaders which take place in Astana on the regular basis with an active support of the state play an important part in the development of inter-religious dialogue, giving an opportunity to consolidate positions on many pressing problems,” His Holiness said.

He added that the law on the Concept of state policy in religious sphere in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2017-2020. The secular character of the state is underlined in view of the danger of radicalization of society and the threats of religious extremism.

“I express my firm hope that the Metropolitan area in the Republic of Kazakhstan will enjoy support of the state and society, and that any change in the legislation will not restrict social and educational work of the Church,” His Holiness said.