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“During my primatial visit to the Republic of Kyrgyzstan last May I was encouraged by the results of cooperation between the Church and the state in the country,” His Holiness Patriarch Kirill shared his impressions with the members of the Bishops’ Council. The state considers the Diocese of Bishkek as an ally in the solution of many topical tasks, for instance, in the struggle against extremism. Due attention is paid at the highest level to the problem of preudo-religious radicalism; all traditional religions are involved in the solution of this problem.

“The Concept of state policy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the religious sphere for 2014-2020 adopted in 2014 constitutes the basis of legislation on religion in the country. One of the Concept’s main points is the reform of religious education and religious studies and the improvement of their quality specified in action plan for the implementation of the Concept. The plan was enacted by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2015.

“Clerics and laypersons of the Russian Orthodox Church are included in the consultative bodies which deal with coordination of the state and religious organizations in the solution of the problems of state policy in religious sphere,” His Holiness the Patriarch noted.