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As His Holiness Patriarch Kirill noted in his address, the opposition to sects is yet another sphere of missionary work that requires Church-wide systematic approach.

According to His Holiness, it is necessary that dioceses and parishes, when confronted with sectarian groups’ activities, receive timely and comprehensive practical consultations.

“Within the Synodal Mission Department there is a structure that gives legal advice to dioceses in opposing sectarianism. These activities need to be enhanced, so that the recommendations concerning the preventive measures to combat sectarianism might also be given in the sphere of pastoral care for the victims of sects and their families. Some dioceses have counter-sectarian centres that have practical experience in this area, which must be available to as much church missionaries as possible,” the Primate of the Russian Church said.

“The problem of neo-paganism is also topical,” His Holiness added, “Efforts must be exerted to respond to this threat to people’s minds and souls. Some groundwork has been carried out, and dioceses have been informed of its results.”

The Primate of the Russian Church asked the members of the Bishops’ Council to share their experience in opposing neo-paganism in their dioceses.

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