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In his report delivered at the Bishops’ Council-2017 His Holiness Patriarch Kirill noted that the Republic of Azerbaijan adheres to the principle of the equality of religious communities.

“In view of a danger of the spreading of pseudo-religious extremism the Azerbaijani legal systems constrains external influence on religious organizations and prevents propagation of potentially dangerous radical ideas, the Primate of the Russian Church explained. As an action against extremism, a great attention has been paid in the schools to the disciplines connected with the study of religion since autumn of 2016.

“For many years the Diocese of Baku has maintained friendly and constructive relations with the Administration of Muslims of the Caucasus headed by Sheikh ul-Islam Allahshukyur Pasha-zade, as well as with the Jewish and Catholic communities. They can make joint proposals to the state concerning the development of religious life and solution of the topical problems in the country. It is gratifying to see that this dialogue is bringing witness of an aspiration of traditional religions to peace and accord among nations.

“Dialogue of the Azerbaijani authorities with the Diocese of Baku offers ample opportunities for solving urgent problems of the Orthodox believers,” Patriarch Kirill concluded.