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It is gratifying to see positive tendencies in cooperation between the church and the state in the Republic of Moldova,” His Holiness Patriarch Kirill said in his report at the Bishops’ Council-2017. For instance, President Igor Dodon’s attention to the ministry of the primate, bishops and clerics of the Orthodox Church of Moldova.

“Representatives of state authorities used to render considerable support to the restoration of Orthodox holy places during many years, yet recently we have seen an emerging trend to reduce financing of the programme of restoration of many church buildings and monasteries of a special cultural significance for the country,” the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church noted.

His Holiness added that cooperation between the church and the state has been developing in the sphere of relations with servicemen, police and penitentiary institutions of the country. However, His Holiness shares concern of Orthodox public circles in Moldova over the implementation of the security of equality law passed in 2012 and a possible extension of its administration. “The law has upset balance in the sphere of contacts between the state and religious associations,” His Holiness underscored.