14.04.2010 23:33

(Russian) Руководитель Службы коммуникации Отдела внешних церковных связей дал интервью интернет-порталу «Православная книга России»

(Russian) Характер проповеди митрополита Илариона – очень светлый и очень литургичный, отметил священник Георгий Завершинский. Публикуется первая часть интервью.
11.04.2010 22:34

Address by Patriarch Kirill during Divine Liturgy at Patriarchal Cathedral of Annunciation in Alexandria

I pray that God’s grace may fill the hearts of the faithful of this old but always young Church of Alexandria. May Holy Orthodoxy prosper and spread in the African continent!
03.04.2010 20:37

The Passions in Orthodox perception are deeply imbued with the theme of the Resurrection and radiant Paschal joy

Metropolitan Hilarion’s interview to the church news portal
23.03.2010 20:17

Metropolitan Hilarion meets with public at Lvov Philharmonic Society

Passions According to St. Matthews composed by Metropolitan Hilarion, head of the Moscow Patriarchate’s department for external church relations, was performed at the Lvov Philharmonic Society during the metropolitan’s second day in Lvov, on 22 March 2010.
18.03.2010 14:38

Joint Declaration by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia and Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos Karekin II of All Armenians

We thank our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who has given us the opportunity to meet at the First Capital City of Holy Echmiadzin in the Lenten period from March 16 to 18, 2010, when the whole Christendom is preparing for the holy feast of Easter.
16.03.2010 21:18

Patriarch Kirill’s speech at Echmiadzin cathedral

With great joy and warm feelings I have set foot today on the blessed and much-suffered Armenian soil sanctified by the toil of St. Gregory the Enlightener of Great Armenia and stained with the blood of martyrs for the faith of Christ cultivated by many generations of the fraternal Armenian…
11.03.2010 14:24

“Scholarly-Theological View on Modern Information Society” expert seminar took place at the Laura of the Holy Trinity

"Theology and information society require mutual comprehension and dialogue as far as they are interested in human person," said the Revd. Georgy Zavershinsky, head of the DECR Communication Service, at the "Scholarly-theological view on modern information society" expert seminar that took place at the Laura of the Holy Trinity. The…
09.03.2010 16:43

Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk: Culture is at risk of becoming anti-culture without the Church

If it does not cooperate with the Church, culture today is at risk of turning into a destructive anti-culture carrying a negative moral message, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s department for external church relation, said in an interview to the RIA Novosti news agency.
03.03.2010 15:12

(Russian) Митрополит Иларион: «Человек должен понимать относительность всякого успеха и всякого поражения в спорте»

(Russian) 27 февраля 2010 года в эфире передачи «Церковь и мир», посвященной теме спорта, председатель Отдела внешних церковных связей митрополит Волоколамский Иларион рассказал о проблемах нравственного выбора, стоящего перед профессиональными спортсменами.
24.02.2010 12:51

Metropolitan Hilarion speaks at the “Teaching of religion in state schools: topical discussion in Russia and in Germany” conference (Moscow, 24-25 February 2010)

The participation of clergymen, representatives of state structures, scholars, and teachers in discussion of the problems of teaching of religion in secondary schools and of religious and ethical subjects in general is a fact of great value.