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Spain’s El Mudo, the most quoted Spanish language mass media newspaper in the world (its website is recognized as the most visited website in Spain), has compiled a list of six the most impressive churches in Madrid. Included in this list, along with historic Catholic churches and cathedrals, is an Orthodox church of modern design – the Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene Equal-to-the-Apostles, the cathedral church of the Russian Orthodox Church’s diocese of Spain-Portugal.

Along with the Russian church, the list includes the 18th century royal Real Basílica de San Francisco el Grande, the 14th century Monastery of San Jerónimo de Cotalba, the San Ginés church built in the 17th century, the 17th century church of San Antonio de los Alemanes, and the 18th century museum-church of San Antonio de la Florida.

‘In Madrid, there are about one hundred churches and parishes, each remarkable in its own way. We have chosen six the most beautiful churches truly adorning the city, which must be visited’, the website of El Mundo reports.

‘The five cupolas crowning the Russian Orthodox church attracts the attention of everyone who is strolling along Gran Vía de Hortaleza (the street in which the cathedral is located – ed.). The modern white building constructed in the neo-Byzantine style was built in 2013 next to the Casa Rusia cottage and cultural center. Orthodox divine services are celebrated in it. There is also an opportunity to go on an excursion at 17:00 every Saturday’ El Mundo editors prompt.

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