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The Syrian education minister Dr. Darem Tabbaa has sent a letter to His Holiness Kirill Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus expressing his gratitude for the humanitarian aid given to the country’s people and for the restoration of a school in Barzeh, a neighbourhood of Damascus.


Your Holiness,

We thank you and the inter-religious working group for humanitarian aid to the people of Syria at the presidential council for interaction with religious associations for the humanitarian efforts from 2017 to 2020. The endeavours of Russia’s Christians and Muslims, under Your Holiness’s direction, have evoked a response of gratitude within the hearts of Syrians. The aid given by the inter-religious group came to people at the most difficult of times in the history of Syria. We will never forget that the religious believers of Russia stood together with their Syrian brothers and sisters at this time. Food and medicine were delivered in great quantities and distributed to citizens most in need of it.

The restoration project of the school in Barzeh in Damascus is of special importance. This school has become a symbol of Russia’s aid to Syria and has enabled more than a thousand people to receive an education. We would like to note the high quality of the restoration work and the speed with which it was executed.

The people of Syria are grateful to you for this aid and wish you good health and success in your ministry as Patriarch of All Rus.


Professor Dr. Darem Tabbaa

Education Minister